Photo by Lily Stern, 2020
Hi, I'm Michael Vigman.
I'm a student at UCLA. I've been playing around with cameras since I was around four years old, and I'm relatively confident they'll consume my free time until I'm in the grave. People who know me might say I'm in love with crunchy peanut butter, dogs, asking to say hello to strangers' dogs, all things science, the outdoors, checking on my peeps via Spotify, overcast weather, describing people's personalities as kitchen appliances, a spotless desk, early morning productivity, and comprehensive lists. People who don't know me might say I have a resting-hostile-face...oh well. 

In the interest of keeping this concise:
If you're just dropping by to take a look at my work, thank you! I really appreciate it.
If you'd like to get in touch, please don't hesitate to reach out (here)!

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